We are committed to people

We make machines, but for us the most important thing is people. Our refrigeration equipment guarantee the health of all and always achieve the satisfaction of the end user. We combine energy efficiency, design and the most advanced technology to offer total security and, above all, the highest quality. We offer professionalism and seriousness in the relationship with suppliers and customers and we have a high-level after-sales service and efficient and timely technical assistance. All thanks to the fantastic team of professionals that form our staff.

We are committed to innovation

Good ideas are the key to success. Infrico makes a constant effort in innovation and improvement of our equipment, a bet that has been certified and recognized with international awards and distinctions. That is why our company is the first company in the sector to be accredited by a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which encompasses all the machinery of its catalog.

We are committed to society

In Infrico, we want to contribute to the progress of society and we do it as we know best, applying the latest technology in R + D + i to the manufacture of cold industrial equipment that offer solutions guaranteeing well-being and ensuring health and food safety. In addition, we are aware of our social responsibility as an economic agent and driving force of development. We generate wealth through the creation of quality jobs and also collaborate with various social causes to contribute, with our support, to the creation of a more favorable environment with those who suffer the most.

We are committed to the environment

In daily work, in addition to responding to the needs of its customers, Infrico pay special attention to initiatives that contribute to the development of a sustainable and environmentally friendly industry, through proper management of natural resources, the appropriate treatment of waste and recycling and the reuse of materials. We are very proud to have successfully completed the exhaustive audit processes that demonstrate that their commitment to the maintenance of the environment is a reality endorsed by experts in the defense and protection of our planet. We are also pioneers in the implementation of Gas R290, a green refrigerant that does not pollute and that minimizes the consumption of electricity. We incorporate it into our teams and impart training courses with good practices on how to manipulate it.

Infrico makes relevant information on our environmental performance available to interested parties upon request. You can request this information by sending an e-mail to aromera@infrico.com